A more open government

Some regular open town office hours without appointment are needed. Our town has a fulltime clerk but the town hall is never open. Why?

 Meetings at times convenient for the workforce with video attendance possible. Special meetings should be held in the evening if at all possible, not during the day when most of the public cannot attend. Remote video meeting attendence is possible and should be used.

 The monthly board meeting agenda is sometimes is posted only a few hours before the meeting. There’s no good reason it cannot be posted 3 or 4 business days in advance. Last minute agenda updates are always possible and the way most other organizations manage it. Board packets should be posted to the website as soon as available. If the public is to participate, the public must be informed. Put the public comment portion early in the agenda, not late after the board has made their decisions.

The meeting packet in a .pdf on the website would make it easy & fast to print additional copies for any meeting attendee requesting a copy. Many people would download to their smart phone and follow along on the topics of interest to them.

There should be prompt published minutes of all meetings, including special meetings. Special meeting minutes have been almost never posted.

More information on the town website, for example: a complete activities calendar. The town has had a website since 2006. Special meetings are never entered on the calendar. Why not? All meetings, including  should be on the calendar. Special meeting minutes are never posted to the website. Why? Prompt published minutes of all meetings. Draft meeting minutes are never posted or even available even though records of votes should be available next business day per MN 13D.01 subd 4 & 5.

 In the meantime:

Anyone can send an email to the town clerk requesting email notification for all public notices: townclerk@westlakeland.govoffice2.com