Education: BS in Math & MBA

Has Experience with Bonding for Government

Has Successful Business Project Management Experience

Held Business Executive positions including Vice President

Has worked in Local Government

Knowledgeable in MN Statutes

MN Open Mtg Law

Data Practices

Vince Anderson – Long time resident ready to give back to the community he loves

Call me Vince. I moved to West Lakeland in 1999 from Stillwater township to a mid-1970s development. I am running for an open seat on the town board.I have for over 20 years offered my experience and services to help the board. I have been a resident of the area since 1960 and have lived in May Township, the City of Stillwater, Stillwater Township, and now West Lakeland. My family is 3 children and 5 grands. I am a Vietnam Veteran.

My government experience includes a stint on the Stillwater Town Board, and the Stillwater Planning Commission in the late 1980s. I also represented the town on the first iteration of the new St. Croix Bridge task force. I chaired the initial case for the Stillwater Township/City of Stillwater Joint Powers Board of Adjustment and Appeals. I have addressed the Washington County Board multiple time over the years.

Prior government experience includes the founding Vice-President of the Carnelian Marine Watershed District in the early 1980s. I recently completed a 20 year stint on a Washington County volunteer board. I BELIEVE IN KNOWING WHAT YOUR GOVERNMENT IS DOING, especially local government.

From when I first lived in May Township I have frequently attended town meetings and public hearings. In West Lakeland I attended nearly all meetings including ‘special’ meetings for many years. I observed practices that weren’t normal for government and some probably in violation of state law. I observed the board in certain cases not following their own town ordinances. I believe in uniform enforcement of ordinances

My undergrad is Math and I hold an MBA. I was a computer and systems ‘guy’ at companies you've heard of, and some you haven't and a VP at a publicly held company. For much of my career I was a manager who also had some technical knowledge. I have managed projects, large and small and have been responsible for a $6MM budget

I have become knowledgeable about many MN Statutes and I know where to look and who to ask for assistance. Minnesota has a good open meeting law and I believe in following it. Likewise, the data practices act spells out government responsibility. We need to make sure the public knows what is happening and to provide easy convenient access to town records.

Why Vince chose to run

I will work to implement:

A clearly defined comprehensive road plan for bonding that includes rights-of-way

Prudent management of road projects and town spending without extravagance, no town hall addition

Even year November elections

A more open government

Open town office hours without appointment

Meetings at times convenient for the workforce with video attendance possible

Prompt published minutes of all meetings

More information on the town website - a complete activities calendar

Call me or write me.I ask for your support. I further ask you to attend meetings, offer your input, and ask questions. I fully believe that Democracy is a ‘participation sport’ rather than spectator. Help me set a path for a town government that has not kept up with town growth and needs in the 21st century.