Need: A clearly defined comprehensive road plan for bonding that includes rights-of-way

West Lakeland received $461k from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). The town hall, built as a church about 1981 needs some work to become ADA compliant, update the HVAC systems, and improve security systems. Technology for hybrid meetinsg would be useful. What might that cost? $100k? $150k?
About $19k has been spent so far, mostly for architect fees. A couple of our board supervisors want to spend the rest, and perhaps more, on additions to add more office space (for a town hall open only by appointment) and storage space, have a break area, and make the town hall useable as an "event location". The first proposal put out by the renovation committee with 2 additions to the building received only 2 bids for $690,700 and $607,420. Why so much over the budget? This architect refuses to make cost estimates. But he gets paid for a plan redo. The bids were rejected and a new plan is being developed with only one addition for more space, including a warming kitchen, to the building.
They say they need storage space for election equipment. The electronic voting equipment components are maintained and stored by the county. The "equipment", now stored in the outside shed, are the folding portable voting booths and the tabulator base cabinet that for years were stored in a barn.
This ARPA money is our federal tax dollars. The rest of this money could be better used instead to fix roads, the largest expense of the township and the most pressing need. The renovation committee has met 24 times since it was created in 2022 but no meeting minutes are to be found on the town website.

If this is how a less than half million dollar project is managed, what could happen with millions in road bond money?

A clearly defined, comprehensive road plan that includes expected time to preventative and major repair for every mile of townships roads is needed. The colored road maps on the town website are a start but much more is needed to create a prudent plan for the immediate needs and for next 10-20 years. In the past the board had a pay as you go plan but failed to accumulate as we went, while bragging about low taxes.

Final Rule: The U.S. Department of the Treasury has released the final rule for the American Rescue Plan funds. Of note, the final rule includes a simplified lost revenue provision that gives each local government a $10 million standard allowance for lost revenues. This means that the first $10 million of your ARP dollars (not to exceed your award amount) can be spent on nearly anything that would normally be spent from your general funds, including roads and bridges.