You have asked WHAT I WOULD DO IF ELECTED. This is the first of a series answering that question.

More on priorities and what I would do if elected.

Even Year November Elections - you have all heard the term. What does it mean for the town. The town would no longer vote on Township Day in March. We could conduct the annual meeting earlier in the evening without having to wait for the polls to close and finish it at a more reasonable time. In addition, the town saves the cost of holding an additional election – not insignificant. There is a set of steps to be done so, let’s get started. Ultimately going to even year November voting needs approval by the voters. The Annual Town Meeting would still be held in March.

-- I would examine stated ‘policies’, and work to update those needing change. Create one place to go to find all ‘board & town’ policies.

For example, there is a policy that treats emails as a type of data, with its own file deletion schedule. MN records retention law categorizes content not media. I would discuss with staff the distinction between content and media and have this policy removed.

I would motion to establish an additional policy that town computers are to be used for town business only. For example, no personal email is permitted.

I would make a motion to require the board, all staff, (clerks and treasurer and any others) and the planning commission to use a West Lakeland town email address for town business.

There is an addition to the information request form that states when asking for data to be viewed, the information may not be electronically copied. That is against state statute. I would get this policy removed.

The applicable statute on the last item above is MN 13 – the MN Government Data Practices Act. If you have followed my posts up to now or have seen me interact with past boards, you will likely not be surprised with my next statement. I am BIG ON and SUPPORT entirely being in accordance with the MN Government Data Practices Act (also known as Freedom of Information). I am BIG ON and Support entirely being in accordance with MN 13D – Open meeting. Virtually EVERYTHING the board and staff see, write, and review is public data and is to be convenient for public access.

I would make changes to the town website None of these requires a new vendor.

Post all notices and leave them up, even those which have been corrected / revised.

At the same time as posting, update the town calendar as appropriate to reflect the post.

Restructure the town meetings section to not separate Agenda and Minutes. Put them under the under the appropriate meeting as well as the ‘public copies’ from that meeting.

I understand that the board receives the agenda and public copies days before the meeting. Post that information for the public to see and use at the same time.

Post minutes of all meetings, not just board meetings – I am referring to the so called ‘special meetings’ or special groups such as the renovation committee.

For all notices and meeting materials, do not remove the display after a period of time. Leave them up!!!!! Someone who is looking more than a few years back must now make an information request. That would reduce staff workload.

Keep the website home / splash page current.

Then, I would come up for air, and let YOUR requests for what to change on the town website (or anything) come in! I would review past ‘information requests’ and look for commonalities for information which could be added to the website and help the people now having to wait for data and save time.

Vote Vince Anderson for Town Board March 12