Need: Prudent management of road projects and town spending without extravagance

The practice has been to pay as we go, but so many roads are reaching retirement age and the pay as you go plan will never catch up to the need because there has been no accrue as you go. Spray patching every year does not really fix a road We have roads with spray patching on top of previous patching on top of previous patching!

What is needed is to take a fresh look at how things are financed. Most everyone takes out a mortgage to pay for a house as they live in it. The cost is amortized over the over the period of use. We need to take a careful look at bonding to get needed projects done.

A real plan with detail and estimates is needed to do bonding. The 46+ miles of road in West Lakeland have been about 70% of the town’s expenses. Yet, no real road plan exists today. A detailed inventory with current and future condition estimates is the first step required to budget and obtain bonding.

It's time for a change as to how we analyze and approach these needs. My project management expertise can help to make this happen.

Number of WL households is up about 20% since 2000. Almost flat since about 2013. Levy=Tax. 2024 WL Levy will be up 86% just since 2019. Tax is not going down; the money is needed for roads. The failure has been in planning, boasting about how low our taxes have been. The question is, do we want the legacy team that got us to this point to continue to manage into the future?